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Walking on Water

Walking on Water

Scripture Reading: Matthew 14:22-31 (KJV)

Pastor Bryant Tabb

Today we read one of the most talked about passages in scripture, Jesus walking on the water.  The angle we are concentrating on is primarily about Peter walking on the water just like Jesus did.  Peter was the only one of the disciples who observed what Jesus was doing (defying the laws of gravity by walking on the water), and he said to Jesus, Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water.  I like what Peter did, he first got permission from Jesus to do what he saw Jesus was doing and Jesus told him “Come”.  That was all the word Peter needed to hear from the Lord and he in faith stepped out of that ship and began to walk on the water just like Jesus because Peter was walking on the authority of God’s word.  We all know what happened next, he took his eyes off of Jesus.  Peter forgot about the authority of the word Jesus gave him the power to walk on.  He observed the boisterous wind and became afraid and began to sink.  He then cried out to Jesus to save him.  Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him and said to him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?

Just like Peter, we should desire to be like Jesus in every way.  Jesus prayed before he walked on the water because he had a good habit of praying and seeking the Father.  We too can do the same.  We can get refreshed in the presence of God.  When we are refreshed in God’s presence, we will have a fresh outlook on life like God does, not being dominated by fear, doubt and unbelief like the world is dominated by.  We can be led by the Holy Spirit and do the will of God in our lives and defy the law of sin and death (spiritual death, sickness and disease and poverty).

Jesus at the end of the passage ask Peter a question, “Why did you doubt?”  Indicating that it was optional, not a must.  Peter didn’t have to doubt, but he took his eyes off of Jesus and the word and got caught up in what he saw.  We can be found in the same place as Peter since we are in the world.  But Jesus said we are not of the world, so we must stay in sync with God and make sure we are standing on the word of God at all times.

We walk by faith and not by sight.

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