Conference Prayer Line

Prayer List

When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the I prayed for you button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.

Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Purchase 200mg Cytotec Justoppogy0October 8, 2017Details
Your - awesome potal0August 13, 2017Details
Your - great potal0August 11, 2017Details
Your - not bad resource0August 5, 2017Details
Your - gut resource0August 5, 2017Details
By Jesus stripes believing in Healing.1August 7, 2014Details
Prayer of healing.1August 7, 2014Details
mom1November 22, 2013Details
Carlos Railey2October 17, 2013Details
Healing for my husband2September 16, 2013Details
Sheperds1August 5, 2013Details
Passing3July 28, 2013Details
mental healing2May 29, 2013Details
Homeless man4May 15, 2013Details
The house keeper2May 14, 2013Details
Men Needed for Prison Mentorship Program (Kingdom Care Reentry N4May 11, 2013Details
Healing and Restoration4May 9, 2013Details
national day of prayer3May 2, 2013Details
Men on a mission3April 23, 2013Details
marital healing3April 23, 2013Details
fill me up3April 23, 2013Details
Prayer for this website5April 16, 2013Details
Financial Blessings3April 10, 2013Details
casting down negative imaginations 3April 10, 2013Details
Prayer for myself3April 10, 2013Details
Deliver from unforgiveness5April 7, 2013Details
Praying for a Miracle4April 4, 2013Details
Healing6April 2, 2013Details
Stroke3March 25, 2013Details
Brother & Administrative Appeal Appointment5March 13, 2013Details
Prayer for this website4March 13, 2013Details
Prayer for the Allen and Fuller Family4March 12, 2013Details
comfort2March 11, 2013Details
Unity of The Spirit 3March 6, 2013Details
Death of cousin4March 4, 2013Details
Men's ministry2March 4, 2013Details
Missing Family Member3February 18, 2013Details
Believing God to do above and beyond Eph3;203January 24, 2013Details


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