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Freedom-The Word Sown In The Heart

Freedom-The Word Sown In The Heart

Scripture Reading: Mark 4: 1-20 (KJV)

Pastor Bryant Tabb
Today we reviewed Jesus’ teaching of the parable of the sower and discussed the importance of making sure the word of God gets planted deep down in our hearts.  We talked about the four conditions of the soil that the word is planted in: by the wayside, on stony ground, among thorns and on good ground.  Jesus shared in the end, the goal is to make sure the word is planted on good ground/in our hearts because then it will bring forth fruit.

The other 3 areas Jesus shared in the parable are not good breeding grounds for the word of God, because those soils will not allow the word of God to prosper.  When planted by the wayside, satan comes immediately to take away the word sown in hearts.  On stony ground, affliction or persecution arises for the word sake and believers become offended.  Among thorns, the cares of this world, deceitfulness of riches and the lust of other things enter in and choke the word and it becomes unfruitful.

So we now know according to the scriptures, we must spend the necessary time paying close attention to the word of God.  Making sure the word of God is sown into our hearts and that we meditate in God’s word by day and by night.  Like Psalm chapter 1, then we will prosper and be like a tree planted by the rivers of water and we will bring forth our fruit in our season.  We will prosper in whatever we do.  But this is the result of the word being sown on good ground.

Let us continue to guard our hearts at all times because the word of God in our hearts guarantees our freedom over our adversaries.  The word of God talks about understanding we don’t fight with flesh and blood, we fight in the spirit, we tear down strongholds, cast down imaginations, resist the devil and he flees.  All of this word must be studied, confessed, meditated upon in order for us to stay free from the law of sin and death which Christ delivered us from.

The word of God reminds us that this is how Jesus stayed freed up and walked in victory over satan and temptations.  We must duplicate our Lord and do the things that He did, yet without sin.  We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

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