Conference Prayer Line

Founder Brother Ernest Daniels Sr.

Founder Brother Ernest Daniels Sr.

Ever since he gave his life to Christ, Brother Earnest Daniels Sr. has had a vision to bring men together from all walks of life for prayer. The reality of his vision came to pass in the year 2010 when he started Brothers on Call Prayer Ministry; a telephone conference line in which men saved and unsaved have a platform to connect with each other to study the bible and pray.

Brother Daniels is a family man and a friend to many men who have need of help and support for their lives. He says that when he grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, he became aware of Christ at an early age. Later, with the help of his wife and other spiritual friends around him, he was able to surrender his life to Christ amidst battling a drug and alcohol addiction. Currently he is active in the Men’s Ministry and Care Call Ministry in the church and has been faithful to whatever God has asked him to do. His desire is to see men fall in love with reading the Word of God and to have them discover the importance of prayer. Brother Daniels heart is to see men humble themselves and have dialogue with God.

Brothers on Call ministry mean a lot to Bro. Daniels. He believes that God has appointed him for this endeavor and that it will be a vehicle or avenue for men to come together for prayer and teaching. To him this ministry will help to unify the Body of Christ worldwide so that men through corporate prayer can tear down the Walls of Jericho.

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