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Boldness-Like Stephen

Boldness-Like Stephen

Scripture Reading: Acts 6:8-13 and Acts 7:51-60 (KJV)

Pastor Bryant Tabb

Today’s passage we read about Stephen.  Stephen as described in Acts chapter 6 verse 8 says he was a man full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people.  Certain religious rulers arose against him with false accusations and he was eventually taken before the council.  There Stephen expounded on the history of God’s people from Abraham to Solomon and in the end, spoke with such boldness about Christ that it challenged the religious leaders and they were cut to the heart and ended up stoning him to death.  Stephen while dying for His Lord prayed to God to not lay this sin to their charge for he understood that they were blind and that they could not see.

We can learn a lot from Stephen.  Even during a life or death situation, as he was being led by the Spirit of God, he did not back down from what God had called him to do.  He spoke the truth and God received him as His own.

God may not be calling us all to be martyr’s today, but we should recognize that we can walk in boldness, when we are doing what God has truly called us to do.  We can take confidence that God will back us up, because we are standing on the word of the living God.

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