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Boldness-Sharing the Word

Boldness-Sharing the Word

Scripture Reading: Acts 9:1-31 (KJV)

Pastor Bryant Tabb

Today we continued to talk about boldness and took it from the perspective of Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus.  Paul who was named Saul at the time was persecuting Christians.  He had received permission from the chief priest to bind any that he find that were believers of Jesus and to bring them back bound to Jerusalem.  While traveling he had an encounter with Jesus where a bright light from heaven appeared around him and he heard the voice of the Lord.  Jesus gave Paul instructions to go into a city and to wait.  Jesus then spoke to a disciple at Damascus named Ananias and told him in a vision to go and lay hands on Paul so that he would receive his sight back for Paul was a chosen vessel unto the Lord.  Ananias did what he was told of the Lord and Paul received his sight and was filled with the Holy Spirit.  He spent time with the believers in Damascus and eventually began to preach Christ in the synagogues.  This caused quite a stir because he use to be the one that was persecuting the Christians and has since become one of them.  This caused those who opposed Paul to try and slay him.  Even with all that going on, Paul demonstrated boldness, knowing that his fate could be death because of his preaching, but he obeyed God and not man.

We can learn from Paul, especially from coming away from a life of sin or being spiritually blind to giving our lives to Christ.  There will always be temptations to go back and do the desires of the old man or what everyone else is doing, but due to our relationship with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we know the truth of God’s word, and desire not the works of the flesh but that of the Spirit.  As we practice boldness in sharing the word of God with individuals, we will see the conversion happen in their lives like it did in ours.

Praise God for boldness to share the word of God in love and in power/full demonstration of the Holy Ghost.

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