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Anger-What To Do

Anger-What To Do

Scripture Reading: 1st Samuel 18:1-15

Pastor Bryant Tabb

Today’s study we read about Saul and picked up the story after the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul because of his disobedience and pride by not destroying all of what God had told him to.  Saul never repented for not obeying God completely and hence he was experiencing depression and an attack from an evil spirit.  David was brought in to play music that calmed King Saul, but not too long after that, Saul began to be jealous of David because of his success and was angry with him.  To the point, that he eventually tried to kill David but God delivered David out of Saul’s hands.

In life, many things don’t go the way we want them to and there are times when we don’t follow what God tells us to do exactly.  Once we identify that we are not walking right with God, we need to immediately repent and get right with God so that our lives don’t end up like Saul’s.

Saul got caught up into what other people were saying and not what God was saying.  We can never make decisions based off of the words of others or how our flesh feels; we must base our decisions off of the word of God.

Saul was thinking negatively. Saul was blinded by his own thoughts along with whatever the evil spirit was impressing on him.  Philippians 4:8 tells us believers how we ought to think.  We need to think like God.  As we put this meditating on God’s word/good things into practice, our thoughts and heart will be in sync with God and not the worlds.  We will then find it easier to do the will of God because we are constantly thinking like God thinks.

Anger should be controlled like fire can be controlled.  We use controlled fire to heat a house, but fire uncontrolled will burn a house down.  With God’s help in us walking in the spirit, we can control anger with the power of God and never allow anger to breed sin that places strongholds in our lives by the snares or traps set by satan.  We must stay in control of anger daily by yielding to God.  Walking in obedience to God will reduce our anger.

Saul was listening to a spirit but not God’s Spirit.  He lost connection with God and never went back.  We can’t do that.  That’s a dangerous position to be in.  God will always be right, God will always be the One in control, and we have to line up with His way of doing things and not our own.  We can’t lean to our own understanding, we must lean towards His.

Saul misunderstood David’s success.  He felt threatened by it, instead of embracing it that God was using David to defeat the enemy.  We as Christians don’t have the luxury to be jealous of one another when God has blessings laid up for all of us.

If we would just seek the Lord, we will find out what He actually wants to do for us instead of us watching and studying what He is doing for someone else.

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