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Anger-Let God Guide You

Anger-Let God Guide You

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 4:17-27

Pastor Bryant Tabb

Paul advised the Ephesian believers with some great instructions and here in the 4th chapter he touched on how to handle anger.  Paul advised to be angry and sin not, meaning anger will come to the Christian like it comes to the sinner, but the Christian must not give into anger whereas it will cause him or her to sin.  The bible says to not let the sun go down upon our wrath, meaning we should not be angry all day long.

Unchecked anger can be used as a tool for satan to cause us to fall, offend or hurt someone.  We must submit ourselves to God, and resist the devil so that he can flee from us.  The more we stay in control with our newborn spirits, the more we are able to control our flesh, tempers, anger, and walk in the spirit/word of God.

Anger can come due to the many circumstances like our interactions with people and the miscommunications we have.  We got to allow God to help us stay in control spiritually and not surrender to the works of the flesh.  We must remind ourselves to do the will of the Lord which is His word.

If we practice bringing God into every situation of our lives, He will surely guide us.  The Holy Spirit is a gentlemen and will not force Himself on us, but if we ask for help, He will help us.

Uncontrolled anger can go too far and hurt other individuals mentally and physically.  It can cause rage and blindness where a person doesn’t know or see the damage they are causing to others.

Frustrations in life can sometimes lead to anger in a person’s life.  The dynamics of a situation can cause anger as well, but for the believer, true repentance and humility to God is necessary.  It reminds us that God is in control, that we need Him and that everything in life doesn’t go our way.  We need to continue to go to God and humble ourselves and stay submissive to His leading.

When we walk in the spirit, we don’t fulfill the lust of the flesh.  As we practice self-control and humility, handling anger will get easier through the power of God.

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