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Anger-Walking In Jesus’s Footsteps

Anger-Walking In Jesus’s Footsteps

Scripture Reading: John 2:13-18 and Mark 3:1-6

Pastor Bryant Tabb

In both passages, Jesus demonstrated controlled anger with the intent to do the will of God.  Whether it was cleaning out the temple or healing a man on the Sabbath, Jesus ultimately wanted God’s outcome and did what was necessary to get it done.  He was truly our example of being led by the Spirit of God.

With the task of controlling our anger, we must always remind ourselves that people and their words should never control us based off of offenses.  We need to stay in control being led by God’s Spirit.

We have to continue to fine tune our anger.  Our practice of communicating and believing the best of every person will relieve stress and tension when interacting with others.  If we are careful with our words, we will help stir away strife.

The enemy tries to send people our way to get us off of the path God has sent us on or off of the thoughts God has given us.  If we are able to recognize when its’ the enemy, or people due to sinful habits are provoking us to anger, we must fall in line with God, yield to Him and ask Him for help, and He will help us and deliver us.

In life, everyone struggles with something.  Anger is sometimes used as a crutch that people fall back on as a foundation to handle their lives.  We need to, with God’s power create new habits and stop feeding the old man’s habits of uncontrolled anger that leads to sin.  We need to sow the right seeds so that we can reap a Godly harvest.  The more we break up the stony ground of our hearts and insert the word in it, we will be blessed.

The more we control anger, the more we will allow God into our lives to change our situations.

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